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Repairing Sinking Foundations, Leaning Chimneys, Bowing Walls, & Cracked Walls in Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky

What are the causes and signs of foundation damage?

In states like Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, there are many reasons why your foundation may be failing. Soil shifting, excessive hydrostatic (water) pressure, seasonal changes resulting in droughts and floods, are all causes of foundation problems. The amount of moisture in the soil around your foundation leads to the expansion or contraction of the soil which will greatly stress the foundation of your home. Basement walls become bowed, bulging, and cracked due to the over expansion of the soil. American Basement Solutions employs an experienced work force that is equipped with the most modern tools available enabling them to deal with any situation or foundation including brick, block, stone, poured concrete, or retaining walls.

Common signs of foundation problems:

  • Tilting and leaning chimneys
  • Floors that are not level and uneven
  • Cracks in drywall and plaster walls
  • Cracks in exterior brick or concrete
  • Windows and doors not closing properly
  • Bowing and leaning basement walls
  • Stair step cracks in basement and crawlspace walls
  • Nail heads popping through drywall and plaster

Helical Pier System

Piering is a process that distributes the weight of your home’s foundation onto a more solid surface deeper down into the soil. Underpinning an existing home or commercial building requires specialized knowledge and training. Our Helical Pier System will permanently stabilize your home’s foundation and will possibly lift your home back to its original position (in some cases). Our Underpinning piering systems can be installed all year long and prevent the disturbance and expense of a full foundation replacement. Our Helical Foundation System are rugged steel piers that are “screwed” into the earth using small excavation equipment. A foundation bracket is attached to the pier and footing once the pier has reached an appropriate depth into competent soils or bedrock. The weight of your home is then transferred onto our piers giving us an opportunity to lift your home back to its original level.

Push Pier System

Our Push Pier Foundation System reaches greater depths than any other foundation piering system available. Steel tube sections are hydraulically driven through industrial stength foundation brackets down to the proper load-bearing strata or solid bedrock. Quiet, vibration free hydraulic equipment is used to install the Basement Solution’s Push Pier. All installation equipment is portable and can be manually transported to the job site and into position. There is no need for use of heavy equipment and our foundation repair is usually completed in days, not weeks. American Basement Solutions, your local foundation repair experts, will permanently secure the foundation of your commercial building or home.

Wall Anchor

American Basement Solutions stabilizes cracked & bowed basement walls with our proven, engineered wall anchor system. When hydrostatic pressure builds up around your basement walls, or the soil expands with water saturation, it can push against your wall and cause bowing. Wall bowing can be corrected by using wall anchors that are driven into stable soil out away from your basement wall. They are connected to heavy duty, steel wall plates with a ¾” tie rod and secured with nuts. The anchors will hold the wall in its current condition and have the ability to be tightened down further when the soil outside the wall shrinks. The installation can be quickly installed using handheld equipment and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to your lawn.

Wall Beam

Our most economical solution to stopping bowing walls is our wall beam system. The steel wall beam is attached to the floor joist system at the top and into the concrete floor at the bottom. The steel beam will hold the wall in its current condition. Wall beams are installed also in situations where outside soil conditions are not suitable for wall anchors. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on all of foundation repair options.