Professional Basement Waterproofing in Indianapolis

Wet Basement Waterproofing and Wall Crack Repair in Indianapolis, IN; Dayton, OH; Cincinnati,OH; Louisville, KY; and surrounding areas.

Wet and Damp Basement Repair

Waterproofing your damp basement should never be a do-it-yourself project. Such a task requires specialized knowledge to accurately determine why the basement leaks and the methods of repair needed to address those leaks. It’s a good thing that in Indianapolis, basement waterproofing can be done by the experts from American Basement Solutions.

The Experts You Need

With years of experience in the industry, our waterproofing team knows how to fix a leaky, damp basement, control the mold growth in it, and keep it dry all the time. We will install a sub-floor drainage system to eliminate any clogging that has possibly caused the basement leaks. With this solution, we can keep your basement water-resistant, all-year-round.

The Areas We Cover

We not only provide our professional basement waterproofing services in Indianapolis, but we also deliver our solutions to the surrounding areas. Our team of technicians can drive all the way to Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, and nearby cities to help home and office owners dry and repair their wet basement.

Don’t wait until your damp basement turns into an unhealthy, mold-infested space before contacting us. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll do the job exactly to your specifications.

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What causes a basement to leak or flood?

Your basement is a hole in the ground surrounded by a porous concrete material with cracks, holes, and joints in it. If this porous space of loose soil around your foundation is filled with water during a rain, it will cause hydrostatic pressure to push the water into your basement. The water will enter the basement through the walls, floors, and joints between them.

Clogged DrainMany homeowners have dry basements for years until an existing internal or external perimeter drain clogs with mud and silt. (see clogged drain system picture on left) This is why a non-clogging solution is so important. Many solutions have been developed to keep basements dry, some of which are more effective than others.

How to fix a Wet Basement…AmeriGuard Waterproofing System

The best solution is to install a subfloor drainage system around the perimeter of the floor. AmeriguardMany homes develop water problems because existing sub-floor drains clog with mud. The AmeriGuard System is designed to be separated from the soil under the floor by sitting it on top of the foundation’s footer so it will never clog. (see picture on the left) Other waterproofing systems sit in the dirt and mud beside the footer, leaving it susceptible to clogging. Our state-of-the-art system performs better and longer than the old fashioned corrugated black pipe or French drain tile systems offered by other companies.

AmeriGuard has a special wall flange that directs any wall seepage into its channel. It also has a secondary channel to keep water from building up under the seam between the floor and the new cement. Weep holes are drilled into block walls to drain water out of the walls and into the system. (see picture above on the right) As you can see, AmeriGuard has been designed to intercept all the sources of water at the perimeter of your basement and drain it away to a sump pump. AmeriGuard is designed to meet the challenges of all types of foundations including block, poured concrete, stone, etc.

A dry basement will protect your most valuable investment, your home, and enable you to use your basement for storage or for finishing your basement to gain additional living space. Your wet basement can be transformed into a bright, clean, and DRY usable space.

Contact us today to learn more about the system we use for basement wateproofing in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

A basement drainage system will need a dependable lift station or sump pump system. American Basement Solutions has the most reliable sump pump systems available today. CLICK HERE to review our options.


A crack in a poured concrete wall is typically caused by concrete shrinkage due to the concrete setting for years after the wall is initially poured. Other factors that can worsen the cracking and separation would be foundation settling and soil expansion. For these reasons, a solution is needed that will permanently repair the crack, even during further wall movement.

A whole market of injection sealants has arisen to repair the wall cracks, but due to further shrinkage and wall movement, these repairs will eventually fail. So, if your only repair solution is just the injection, then the crack will eventually become larger and continue to leak. American Basement Solutions has found a solution that will repair the crack permanently.

First, the crack is sealed with a flexible sealant on the surface of the crack from top to bottom. In many cases, this sealant will slow, if not stop the flow of water through the crack. Second, a waterproofing panel system is fastened to the wall over the sealant, and tucked into our AmeriGuard waterproofing system or drainage created at the floor. The outside edges of the panel are sealed to the basement wall to ensure any wall seepage will drain into the drainage system below the floor.

StakWell and EscapeWell

Are you tired of looking at your rusty, open, and ugly window wells? Are you concerned about an escape access from your basement in case of a fire? Don’t worry, American Basement Solutions has the products and solutions to improve your view from inside the basement. EscapeWell Window Wells add light, ventilation, and code-compliant emergency egress to basement areas, making them as warm, comfortable, and safe as any room in the home. Call us today or sign up for a FREE ESTIMATE to find out more about our basement window enclosures, especially before you replace your basement windows.

WallBrite and DecoWall
We have the solution to your ugly, damp basement walls. WallBrite is a heavy, reinforced plastic that is fastened and sealed to the walls. WallBrite provides a clean and white look all the while diverting any leaks or water vapor to the drainage system at its base. It will have waves and some wrinkles because it comes off a roll, but it is very durable and almost impossible to tear. WallBrite is the most economical solution to your ugly basement walls.
DecoWall is a waterproofing panel system that provides a clean, bright, maintenance-free and semi-finished look for your damp basement walls. The panels are mechanically fastened to your basement walls. These panels are guaranteed to never warp, rot, or fade. Don’t waste any more money on paints and sealers that will eventually crack and chip. Deco Wall the is the semi-finished solution to your basement walls.

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