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Sump Pump and Battery Backup Systems


The GoldSump includes the finest pump available – a high end 1/3 HP cast-iron Zoeller sump pump with a mechanical float switch. This pump was chosen as the best from many different models and is made in the USA. It pumps 2200 gallons per hour at a 8-foot discharge head (43gpm) smoothly and quietly. It resists clogging and can pump up to ½-inch solids.

Our sump pump cover helps keep out sump pump odor and bugs. It quiets the sump pump noise and helps protect small children and pets from falling into the sump. The GoldSump liner is designed to house a secondary battery backup sump pump within the same pit in case of a power outage or pump failure. Sign up today for a FREE ESTIMATE.


The reality of the basement waterproofing industry is that every waterproofing system is based on a pumping station. Sump pumps are a mechanical device and are prone to possible failure. No AC sump pump will work when the power is out. For added protection and peace of mind, install a GoldSump  Plus battery backup sump pump system. Our backup sump pumps have a unique monitoring system that sounds an alarm when maintenance is needed, or when a problem arises. Our backup sump pumps help protect against power outages, main pump failures, float switch failures and even with excessive inflow of water.


Another reality of the waterproofing industry is that there are three common problems with waterproofing systems failing. We now offer a sump pump system with three sump pumps that offers complete protection to the homeowner. The three most common problems that will occur to any sump pump system are:

Problem 1: Your sump pump fails!

Solution: The TripleSump offers a second pump to backup the primary.

Problem 2: Your sump pump cannot keep up with excessive inflow of water!

Solution: The TripleSump offers a more powerful “high volume” second pump to run at the same time, more than doubling its pumping capacity.

Problem 3: Your power goes out!

Solution: The TripleSump offers the GoldSump Plus battery backup sump pump that automatically starts pumping when the power goes out.

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