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Lawn and Yard drainage, French Drains, and Downspout Extensions in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky

Our exterior drainage specialists have over two decades of expertise in solving lawn and yard drainage problems. 

French Drains can be installed in multiple configurations depending on the necessity of the project. They can utilize a combination of slotted corrugated and flat tiles, fabrics, and gravel beds to facilitate any individual job. Downspout extensions keeps downspout water away from your foundation helping to prevent wet basement and crawl spaces. French Drains, Swales, Slot trenching, & downspout extensions are all effective tools for lawn drainage which can prevent standing water, slippery surfaces, and mosquito breeding grounds. Landscape drainage is essential for the beauty and safety of your home.


Flat yards with no slope are at a disadvantage as the movement of water through the earth is minimal and heavy rainfalls cause pooling, even up to flooding levels. The movement of sub-surface water can be increased by intercepting and diverting its flow through a drainage system embedded in narrow trenches, sometimes called a slot trench or French drain. Slot trenching is a process where we cut an individual “slot” with a trencher and use a fabric covered flat tile vertically or horizontally to intercept water and divert it to a more desirable location. Many golf courses use slot trenching and sub-surface drainage to facilitate water away or to greens and fairways. We use slot trenching many times to drain those pools of standing water in your yard. Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE.


Most homes have downspouts that dump all of the water from the roof right up against the foundation of your home. This will cause water to pool up against the home and is one of the factors behind wet basement and crawl spaces. While downspout water is the not the only factor to a wet basement, there is no doubt that moving this water away from the foundation will help. A typical remedy is an above ground extension, but they are unattractive and will need to be moved every time you mow your lawn.

GutterScape undergound downspout extension take downspout water from your roof and carries it 15 feet or more away from your foundation helping to prevent basement and crawlspace wall leakage. GutterScape takes the water underground into a 4” corrugated solid pipe and it is ran approximately 15 feet or more away from your home. The sod is cut and replaced during the digging process. This provides as minimal as possible disruption to your lawn. Lawn mowers can run right over our Bubbler Wells without damaging them. The lid of the Bubbler Well can be removed to remove any leaves or debris that might collect. Sign up today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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“I have inspected the job since your crew left and the crawl space is drying out and the work was done the way it was described. Thank You.”
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