Basement and Crawlspace Dehumidifiers Protects your Home’s Structure and Prevents Mold Growth!!

Why do I need a Dri-Crawl dehumidifier in my basement or crawlspace?

Low Cost Energy Bill
Energy Star Efficiency – Removes some of the strain on your air conditioner by removing the moisture from the air in your basement and crawlspace.

Hands Free, Year Round Protection
Active defrost mechanism is designed to work in all temperatures above freezing point – along with automatic dehumidistat – lets you set it and forget it.

Solid Commercial Grade Construction
This is no home appliance grade product – Epoxy coated, heavy gauge metal casing protects high flow fan, heavy duty compressor and coils.

Add Usable Storage Space
Having your basement and crawl space properly conditioned with a Dri-Crawl Dehumidifier can give you a clean, dry environment suitable for storage.

Other Dehumidifiers Freeze and Shut Down
Active defrost uses hot gas to melt frost from its coils, allowing it to run in temperatures as low as 33° – clearing winter fog from windows and controlling cold weather moisture as well as hot summer humidity. Contact us for our side by side comparison sheet against the SaniDry, Santa Fe, and Ebac dehumidifiers.

Improve Air Quality in Your Home
Drying out that nasty, damp crawlspace or basement beneath your house should eliminate by far the largest source of biological contaminants that trigger allergies and asthma inside your home.

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