Structural/Floor Wood Repair

American Basement Solutions and The Crawlspace Company™ are without a doubt the leading Midwest company with regards to Basement Floor or Crawlspace Floor Wood Repairs. We here at American Basement Solutions and our sister Division of The Crawlspace Company™ have 3 decades of leveling and repairing unlevel & sagging floors. We specialize in inspecting repairing or replacing floor joists, sill plates, center beams, helper floor beams, sinking floor piers, box header boards or ban boards. Over our 3 decade history we have repaired/replaced literally multiple thousands of board feet of structural lumber in floors.

American Basement Solutions and The Crawlspace Company™ pride themselves in achieving level floors and satisfied customers throughout a 5 state area. There is no one in our industry that has more floor repair experience or installations, as well as services to prevent further damage than American Basement Solutions & The Crawlspace Company™.

We have trained and certified inspectors who look at your floor system and its structural components, inspecting for rot damage, termite damage, powder post beetle damage or molding “Dry” rotted flooring. Depending on the type and extent of the floor damage, we will install ½ or full floor joists, various subfloors or subfloor support and “sister” joists where subfloor may be “spliced” over existing joists. Below are some topics, problems, and concerns that we address related to Structural/Floor Wood Repair.


  • Sagging Un-level Floors
  • Sticking/Stuck Window & Doors
  • Rotted Floor Joists/Supports
  • Rotted Sillplate
  • Rotted Center Beams
  • Rotted Subfloor
  • Buckling Floors
  • Gaps under Base Boards
  • Sinking Floor Supports/Piers
  • Cracks above Doors
  • Subfloor Squeaks
  • Subfloor Replacement
  • “Dry” Rotted Lumber
  • Termite Damaged Floors
  • Powder Post Beetle/Carpenter Ant Damage

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“Explained the job to be done, and what was done after completion. The crew was very friendly. Thank You.”
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