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What Toxic Black Mold Can Do To Your Bod

What Toxic Black Mold Can Do To Your Bod

Just as its name suggests, toxic black mold poses a significant danger to people. It can put your family’s health at risk. Usually, it appears in areas of a home that are particularly humid and damp, such as basements or crawlspaces. It is also easy to identify for its dark black color, which is way different from most other molds that are gray or green in color. 

Black Mold Exposure

Toxic black mold can cause an array of allergic reactions and serious health problems. The negative health effects usually depend on how long a person has been exposed to this dangerous mold. But in most cases, a person exposed may experience symptoms such as headaches, fever, fatigue, irritation to the eyes, rashes, too much sneezing, and chronic coughing.

In cases of severe or prolonged exposure, a person may experience additional symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the nose and lungs. People who have weak lungs, such as children and older people, are often the first ones who suffer from the painful symptoms of toxic black mold exposure.

Defense and Removal

Once you identify the presence of toxic black mold in your home, it is important to act quickly on it. Enlist the help of a mold removal professional in Indianapolis right away, so you can treat and control the mold growth before it becomes more dangerous. Also, the best defense for toxic black mold growth is keeping your home mildew-free. Install a dehumidifier or waterproof your basement to prevent it from getting humid and damp all the time.

Dealing with toxic black mold exposure is not an easy feat. So, don’t wait until someone in your family gets sick before you do anything about mold growth in your home.

Call American Basement Solutions today for mold inspection and removal.

Identifying Foundation Problems Through Cracks on Your Wall

Identifying Foundation Problems Through Cracks on Your Wall

Seeing a crack in your wall is not a pleasant sight. Apart from ruining an otherwise pristine stretch of carefully painted drywall, it makes you wonder whether any other part of the house sports such ugly imperfections.

More than aesthetic flaws, you should be thinking about what those cracks mean concerning your house’s structural integrity. Wall cracks can mean plenty of things, and knowing what the cause might be will potentially save you a lot of trouble. It doesn’t help that Indiana has recently experienced a spate of severe rainfall, raising more suspicion that the cracks might be signs of water damage.

We can classify cracks into two types based on how serious the underlying problem is: structural and non-structural cracks.

The Non-Structural Variant

In the worst case scenario, non-structural cracks mean water has seeped in somewhere in your basement, which is easily repairable. These cracks can be seen nearly anywhere in a foundation wall, but most likely coming from openings like windows and doors.

The soil on the outside exerts lateral pressure on the foundation, causing thin cracks where water can seep through when the soil saturates.

The Structural Crack

These types of cracks indicate a more serious problem in the house’s foundation. Desiccating soil likely causes the foundation to sink, exerting pressure that’s severe enough for the walls to crack. These structural breaks typically have patterns, usually running up at an angle from the wall’s bottom corners and another vertical one appearing in the center. These cracks are wider in appearance.

If this accurately describes the crack on your wall, it’ll need the best foundation repair services in Indianapolis to preserve your house’s structural integrity.

Of course, eyeballing all the cracks in your house isn’t meant to make you an expert in repairing them yourself. If you do see problems that you think threaten your home on a structural level, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with our expertise and services in foundation repair.

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